Sunday, 22 March 2009


Ok ... much as I am completely obsessed by music and have pretty much dabbled in every conceivable genre including yes even the ole contry and western, some of the metal variants I just haven't been able to come at, regardless of the angle. D who I work with has been trying his best to educate me, and I have been trying my best to accomodate him as he finds everything outside EMO, Pop and Metal as being indie!!

But he has introduced me to the likes of Refused, who's last CD is still on my regular ipod playlist. D recently "backed-up" a cd for me with some of his choice cuts, well choice cuts that he thinks I may actually listen to ... and first off I have found one band at least that will be making its way onto aforementioned playlist ...

(don't laugh ok .. they're from Portland Oregon and are called ....)


They've got a pretty cool website and I believe are classified as progressive metal ... another journo-derived genre perhaps?? But we love this stuff anyways, so who are we to knock it!

I'm currently listening to the two tracks on a 7" that was released in conjunction with a tour - Tomorrow will never come!

And for good measure, here's The Refused. EXCELLENT EXCELLENT SONG!!


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