Sunday, 1 March 2009

No one can hear you scream in the creepy room

Ok .. I alluded in my previous post about having a great saturday ... well we started the day at the Allans music sale, which is always good ... and this is the mega sale ... and I scored!!! $10 for the Thom Yorke's Eraser piano book. A bit of drama when M left his wallet behind .. major freak out when we were in the lolly shop in Yazza's!! Especially because he had a fair bit of cash in there. By the way, Allan's staff are fan-fucking-tastic!!! Apart from Kylie Mole who first served us they were all extremely helpful and friendly.
Lunch was at the Cornerstore ... this is now one of our favourite spots ... seriously if you haven't been, its worth the trip, assuming you live on "t'other side" of the river. A glass of Pinot grig, chicked pide with roasted cap, tomato, spinach and fetta, and a cup of seriously good coffee ... stress all forgotten.
To top it all of the record store (I can't recall the name, start with T) was having its closing down sale ... all vinyl $2.00, 7"s for 50cents ... even M got into the spirit of things ... came away with some beauties ... will take photos and give you blow by blow later on ... I even found a copy of the children's record I grew up with and aboslutely loved!!! Its called Children's Favourites and stars the venerable Jon Pertwee!!! Oh the nostalgia ... picture this .. me and M on our couches singing along and giggling like 2 lobotomised imbeciles!! M even got out his train whistle for "Runaway Train" ... I love M!!!


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