Tuesday, 10 March 2009

English Vogue, American Vogue, bloody Abyssinian bloody Vogue

ok .. so we finally made it to the Abysinnian in good old Flemo ...

If you have not had the pleasure of eating Injera bread ... and anything spiced with berbere ... you need to fix this dire sitch asap!!! Get yourself down to the nearest cab driver haunt and chow down ... this is comfort food at its very best ...

We have had Injera bread meals a number of times before and admittedly the Abysinnian is on average a few dollars more ... but the food is pretty damn fantastic!!!

I was nursing a bit of a cold so wasn't really up for a heavy red, so I ordered a portuguese Rose and M had a Dashen beer on our waitress' recommendation.

We decided to share an entree and went for the Silsy which was simply sauteed onions with the berbere spice, ghee and a bit of tomato sauce served with rolled up injera bread .... HEA-VEN!! And spicy too ... I don't know how the whiteys coped!! I am on a mission to score myself a packet of thie berbere spice, which is 80% chilli and 20% of a varity of spices ... so the menu "helpfully" informs me ... and believe me we have been trying ... I think we went into every halal type store in Footscray!!

For mains we chose two to have with the bread - Dorho Wott (signature chicken dish, again with Berbere .. a must have for your first go) and Derek Tibs (lamb cubes grilled with ghee, green chillies, onions and rosemary).
The lamb was a bit tough but we really didn't mind at all ... and the egg in the Dorho wott was perfection!!

To ease our full tummies we tried their coffee which is infused with ginger that acts as a digestive .. worked a treat!!
You can explore their menu here.


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