Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The recession depression rag!

Ok ... as things are looking shaky at work and the economy at large .. I have had to bite the bullet and forgo the following luxuries:

(i) French and Saunders Live!!! (I know ... cyanosis is setting in even as I type this ... you don't know dear reader(s) how much this is hurtin' ... but at $174 a pop for just normal seats ... its too hard to make the numbers work

(ii) Human League - V Sideshow (rumoured to be doing the entire Dare album)

(iii) M83 - V Sideshow

(i) has been addressed somewhat by scoring the DVD for $9.95 at JB's.

(ii) and (iii) could possibly be alleviated by me going to V with R ... but its still a decision yet to be made

However, me and M have splashed out on a photo that our talented friend L took for her first major exhibition ... we loved it from the first time we saw it .. but have dragged the chain until now ... K&M scored another one from this series ... and now we have our very own:

L brought it round on Monday and initially we had it hanging above the fireplace -

along with another photo of L's, the Lab partners print that P gave me, and a little creation of my own ...

But then we decided that it didn't quite fit the space so we moved things round in another corner and ended up with:

I still don't quite like the way it cuts across the picture rail line ... but for the time being we are reluctant to put any holes in the walls ... we may consider lengthening the string .... but at least it is now in a corner with a print by L and also another photo ... and my speaker is no longer covered by the door ...

We had to shift the 2 Margaret Preston prints across to where the other Preston print hangs ... so now we have a Preston corner ... or the nanna spot as I like to call it:

And what was it all in aid of ... our anniversary ... well soon to be ... (did you make it to the toilet ... or have you spewed all over yourself?)

and guess what!!! Still hurtin'!!!


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