Monday, 23 March 2009

Home is where the crap is ...

Ok ... firstly congratulations to C & M on their nuptials!! It was very much appreciated that I was included in the invite ... I don't really think it was entirely out of a sense of obligation ... but I'm curious as to whether it was a given or had to be agonised over in some form or other.

Let me just say that the Gulf Station in Yarra Glen could be the perfect setting for a wedding ...

It was the perfect day, perhaps a little too hot and as the dress code was Cocktail, I'm not sure it was the ideal for the sunsmart amongst us, but there was shade around the edges and plenty of bottles of water to be had. The bride looked stunning in gold offset by the bright blue of the bridesmaids ... not going to be winning any fashion awards ... but simple and elegant.

Being a country wedding, I believe I was the only non-skip at the event, a bit like being the only "gay in the village", but that was certainly not the case. The trusty old gaydar went off several times during proceedings. Awkwardness set in when it was time to take the family photo, which thankfully didd't eventuate, although I think some people were a bit miffed.

We had crazy in tow so there was a mini-tanty when we drove to Healesville for a quick tea and pie, then it was off to Mt Evelyn at the bride's house for the reception. They had a massive marquee in the backyard of their house and there was heaps of food and drink and what would a country do be without the ole Nutbush City Limits!!!

Apart from crazy going all funny at the end of the night, I actually had fun. K was so pissed but soooo much fun!! Both J and P have grown into attractive young adults, and lets face it apart from the horsiness C herself is pretty hot, and her husband M couldn't be called ugly by any ones standards. H like quite a number of other young lads there had the knifepoint hair and white shoes ... H went one step further with a white belt ... but who am I to judge!!

PS - still hate these family do's!


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