Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Roxy and Gatehouse

Ok this is the new lingo ... Proxy and Gateway will now heretofor be referred to as Roxy and Gatehouse ... and speaking of further malapropisms (well not really, just wanted to use the word) ... me and R are off to FASH-UN!! tomorrow night. We are gracing the docklands with our greasy presence for the Yen Show courtesy of the lovely JP!!!

There will be pics galore I'm sure and hopefully a concise run-down on the run-way ... and there better bloody be free ice creams like there were last year ... the fact that its a school night will keep the liquid jollities to a minimum ... but I'm sure we will give it a good ole jollification try!!

And we can only keep fingers crossed but I'm sure the overall impression will be as always that FASH-UN!!! has gone to the dawgs (insert really fucked segue here):

(some friends have kids .. others have pets!!)

Ringo "G-G-Goodnight Vienna" Starr
Leonid Brezhnev ... no seriously .. that is his name!! ... oh yeah well I bet your friends eat hair and sniff their toe jam!!

And in final canine related news, M and the lovely rainbow band (snigger) played at the Guidedog open day recently ... now apparently they don't deserve our donations because the CEO or equivalent drives around in a BMW and thats a no no in the not for profit stakes. However this comes from J who is the CEO of a similar nfp org, who drives around in the latest fat arse Commodore (third one in as many years) ... which I believe could potentially cost as much as a regular Beamer????

Also was "reliably" informed that our recycling really doesn't get recyclced becoz its expensive and there's a lack of funding so the bulk of it end up as landfill ... jeez ... who can you believe these days??? Maybe ignorance is indeed bliss sometimes.

Anyhoo, back to the dogs ... out of respect I didn't go all lily tomlin on their furry arses, much as I dearly wanted to .. it was a pleasant enough way to spend a day ... but really ... it would have been heaps more fun if I had a penful of these little darlings all to myself:


nearly scored a black lab from the spca when I was younger ... ended up with Twinkle instead

(LUCY!! 2)

So thank you rainbows ... for this lovely if slightly unecessarry segue:


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