Saturday, 7 March 2009

What $2.00 buys you these days Pt 3

Ok .. and finally, just for shits and giggles, I bought these:

(i) Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth


Really there's nothing much to say here ... give me the side eye all you want honey .. but

"if you say jump, I say how high
if you say Run 'd run and fly
Just for the chance
Just for the moment
Should the moment pass us by
And if you ask once I'll tell you twice
I'll ignore the world's advice
if We could be Together
for awhile"


(ii) Amanda Lear - I am a Photograph


If you think this is a lost Patsy Stone album in the days before "it" dropped off, well think again.  Apparently she was Dali's muse, and given height, cheekbones and deep baritone, we will always be asking "is she or isn't she"??? You would probably have heard "Follow Me" being dropped in some eclectic's DJ set, and can maybe remember seeing her on some James Last Starparade or other ... this ie Euro-disco at its cheesiest ... but crank it up and crunk it up ... perfect for a party in the living room ... solo that is coz no one else is going to put up with this shit with you ...


And I had to give you just one more ...

This is my alphabet.
Because time goes on
and things are changing in my world
here is a new alphabet
for the children of my generation.
Of course all these words have a meaning for me
but other generations might find a different mood to their world.

My alphabet goes like this:

A stands for anything
and B for bionic and Bach
C stands for claustrophobia
and D for dirty old man
E stands for everyone
F is full frontal and friends
G of course, stands for getting a divorce
H now stands for hijacking
and I for a king size ego

J now stands for jukebox and junkies
K is for those who kiss and tell
and leading lady stars with L
Naturally M is for me
and N is for never again
O is for that famous story, mmm
and P for pain and poverty
Q stands for quality which is better than quantity
R stands for rock and roll fan
S is sexy and sad
T drives them totally mad
and U are everything to me
V stands for little voodoo
and W for where and when
X sounds extremely mysterious
Y is a question I keep asking
and Z dear child, for the zero you will get if you don't learn my alphabet.


(iii) ATF - Der Kommissar


Alles Klar, Der Kommissar!!!
(nuff said)


and just for fun the Falco original


(iv) Kon Kan - Move to Move

Oh those 80s drum, a bit of sampling, a bit of scratching, those orchestral stabs and white boy vocals .... again another party in your living room - Canada's answer to PSB maybe ... just a few years too late??


(v) Hooked on Classics


I saw this on some young thing's T-shirt and that young thing would probably cringe if he knew exactly what this sounded like ... there was a time everything was eventually put to a disco beat ... the classics were not spared ... so this is your dad's record collection as filtered through the Stars on 45, it would have been Jive Bunnied if it was released any later ... and surprise surprise, Louis Clark (is this a real name?) who spearheaded this was the arranger for ELO!! And so soon after we were punished by Xanadu (wait ... scratch that ... I absolutely Love Xanadu!!!) Anyway the copy I scored was very clean ... and you know what ... I LOVE THIS!!!



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