Thursday, 19 March 2009

Jethro Cave in Fash-Un and I want to be a module

Ok ... I'm afraid that the slim silhouette is still very much in for the A/W season ... and you guessed it .. mainly block colours, black included, layer upon layer upon layer ... i.e. your typical melbourne fashion show ... including rock royalty ... well take a pinch ... Jethro Cave in the jester's garb blowing metaphoric rasberries at the paps!! Some people get paid alot of money by just being who they are!!!

Ooh and apparently he was dropped from the Myer show due to his "erratic" behaviour ... girlfriend probably dropped a few too many ... R was doing BVs for CODA at the show and he saw Jet at the run through ... Cave Jr was nowhere to be seen when it was curtains!!

Anyhoo, the evening started out with a couple of quick drinks down at Section 8. Never been?? Well you gotta go ... while the weather is still reasonable warm.

The intention was to hop next door after for some Dumplings at Camy's ... but alas the beverages delayed matters a tad ... so it was a quick stop at KFC (Hungry Jack's had closed down) for a trully rancid dining experience, then onto the tram off to the docklands. It was an easy enough tram to spot as fash-un had inexplicably thrown up on it ... fringes, black, black, more black, more fringes ... you get the drift!! R bumped into his neighbour who now works at Nom'd ... one of the labels featured in the show we were going to ... and one of my favourite haunts on Gertrude Street! We didn't really have to figure out what stop was ours since .. you guessed it ... fash-un pressed the bell.

After yet another culinary disaster in the free ice creams courtesy of (don't even!!!), and catching up with JP for the tix and well the catch up, it wasn't long before we were esconced in our seats ... a little bleary eyed .. desperately craning necks for crap celebrities, trade ... etc ... R went all quiet as he has a keen eye ... meanwhile I was desperatly trying to take a pic of Miss Jay ... and if you say "Miss Who" right now ... your credibility stakes have just gone up 2 million!!! Miss Jay dwells amongst the towering pile of caca that is known as America's next top model, dispensing sartorial tips on how to walk!! And this, kids is what Miss Jay looks like .. please explain ... its Marcia hines in drag with not an ounce of fashion sense or taste:

Here was my pitiful attempt at snapping a pic ... look really really really closely ... pretend its one of those magic eye paintings .. his shiny tackiness will eventually reveal itself:

Can you see it ... spot the alice band??? No? Well feast your eyes on these beauties instead:

Anyhoo .. this year wasn't as great as last years. We didn't get to see alot of men's clothes and Alpha 60 continues to dissapoint when once it was so exciting. The show opened with Fool ... rainbow coloured chunky knits and patchwork teddy bears on heads, hips, back ... you name it ... just a little bit of crazy in the arts and crafts department at spotlight!!! Great way to start the show .. with clothes Kedra would wear ...

Then it was onto Alpha 60 - always with the cool concepts and cool music (radiohead in this case) but the clothes ... meh

The rest was a blur of starvation and construction ... antipodium, jack london, friedrich gray, nom'd, six, therese ransthorne .... admittedly this is more of the "alternative" show ... so if you have some old collared t-shirts ... just drap them round and round your torso over a pair of long johns and knee socks ... then cover your head with an old jumper ... and suddenly you're a "module" in a fashion show!!!

We left feeling underwhelmed and also hungry ... so a quick bite at one of the few joints still open ... and we were off home ... well I was ... R went for a midnight bonk ... and I endured the late 86 tram!!! Believe me something always happens on the 86 tram at night ... I was privileged enought to listen to Mr VB Can In Hand proclaim that he was not a racist ... but just calls it as he sees it .. at least he has the capacity to have some form of thought process ... good on the tight vested guy to have pulled him up on it from a few seats back ... so impressed!!

Till next year here's my tip... get T-shirts of various lengths and wear them one on top of each other ... find something in a sheer material that is cropped and wear that as the top most layer ... get your old tracky daks ... stick some black gaffa tape at random intervals ... stuff it into striped knee high socks ... and then straight into some high top something or others ... if you can afford it .. get a cropped leather jacket ... preferably with the biker style side zip .. and wrap a woolen scarf round your head ... that is Fash-Un!!!


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