Sunday, 5 October 2008

Ok .. so thanks to the generosity of my Bro C, I am now the proud owner of an iPhone ... and I'm still on my cheaparse mobile phone plan which enjoys staff discounted rates to this day ... already I have noticed a few annoying quirks but at gratis, these are small complaints indeed. Obviously I can't access any internet related functions so am unable to comment on microsoft apps and how they fare in the iPhone environ ... nor do i have a "ended up on the set of deliverance" story about the iPhone maps ... but I will say this ... why oh why will the damn thing not let me select an existing ipod mp3 file as my preferred ringtone ... and why does my itunes (ver 8) not let me convert an mp3 into an aac file?? And why does the damn thing keep dropping out of itunes ... and as a result has me unplugging and plugging the usb cable in several times in order to complete transferring files across!!

Having said all this ... it does feel a bit big and heavy in the hand ... but oh its so sexy!! And the sound is great and I'm now never going to miss a call (well not deliberately) anyways for not having heard or felt it ringing while my headphones or one ... it does a little fade out of the music before the ringtone kicks in ... nice!!

Happy early birthday to me!

Oh and Dad started opening up about his past ... so have a few stories to tell!! More of that later.


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