Monday, 13 October 2008

creeping in the night

Ok ... I was horribly spoilt this year ... there has to be some merit in passing a milestone ... who would stand the pain otherwise!!!

I was very grateful to have friends around me to share in this momentous occasion not unlike the celebration of death ... the backyard was all muted tones and candlelight for a reason ...

The original intention was to upstakes and head bush ... but the logistics proved too daunting ... and I wanted as many people to share in my youthful demise as possible!!! So we decided to cater ... well when I say cater I mean we ordered finger food from the Famous Blue Raincoat, an odd little spot stuck in the middle of a tiny shopping strip right in a residential street in Kingsville ... everyone seemed to know each other ... and they all seemed to be of the "IT" variety ... get the drift ... comicbooks, swordmaking, renaissance fairs ... brief stints in the army ... herbal indulgences!! ... The cook actually part times as the rock band teacher in one of M's schools ... anyhoo ... the joint has a great vibe ... no pretension ... if you want to be left alone .. they leave you alone ... if you want to join in ... everyone's welcome ... but the food was superb.

We had, risotto balls with pumpkin, italian meatballs , this chicken breasty thing served with indian style yoghurt and these goats cheese tartlets that just whoofed gastronomic delight when I opened the box they came in ...

Anyhoo ... I hope everyone had a great time .. our parties are generally lowkey ... so quiet music and hopefully stimulating and delightful conversation ... oh and great wine ... a must!!

In fact it was a perfect weekend, including a couple of whistful hours in the beer garden at Wesley Anne on Sunday arvo .. a nice way to round it all off.

And why was I spoilt??? My friends pulled out all the stops with their generosity ... I would dearly love to give special shout-outs but each and every present was special (ok ... so I'm teetering over the cliff of maudlin sentamentality ... but at my age .. I'm allowed to! So suck it!).

Having said that ... the biggest surprise was M's present to me ... a fucking Wii!!! Hello??? Does it say NerdAlert on my forehead??? (Just kidding) I totally love it!! I'm like creaming my tracky dacks over the tennis .... even the bowling got a guernsey ... and I actually enjoyed the golf!! Someone give me some advil and a hot water bottle!!!

Oh and he also bought the Wii Fit ... but I haven't quite got there yet so its still in its packaging ... ok and I am a little clueless about this whole gaming thing ... but I went to JB at lunch and almost choked on the leftover curry I had when I saw the prices of these Wii games ... oh my god!! Don't they know we're in a recession .. haven't they heard about the credit crunch!!! Anyone off to China soon???

Happy Bday to me!!!


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