Sunday, 26 October 2008

Nesting and Dying

Ok ... so you know how I mentioned previously that we went to the launch of Nesting and Dying - Ghost patrol & Miso's combined effort at the Metro 5 Gallery in Armadale:

Punters outside fagging and boozing!!

trying to be arty!! - but looking like I laid a fart!!

We met both Ghost Patrol (you are under arrest!!!) & Miso .. well I had to push!! But P would most probably have a different take on this. Miso was the quintessential artistic introvert ... but P is organising a purchase (the rough sketch of the final print he bought) so we weren't being total pathetic groupies!!! i love artistic types .. particularly ones like these who have a fair modicum of street-cred (shout outs from threethousand, deisgned a threadless tee, part of the whole graffitti consortium .. you know the deal!!). Pretty soon its fashion copy and music videos!! Anyhoo, everyone and his artistic dog was there .. including Sunday Arts .. I nearly spoke to Finella ... but she looked wasted and on the prowl (ifyouknowarrimean). Thankfully not too many toocool4schoolers, but fringes and skinny jeans ruled nonetheless!!

Couldn't find too many pics of MISO's art but will try and take a photo of P's soon .. in the meantime, here are some including one of those sticker stencils that I absolutely adored for ever so long without realising that it was one of MISO's.

sticker stencil in liverpool street - the old lady is a recurring theme

a smallish photo of this was on sale - M's favourite

this is on plywood - loads of texture in MISO's art that doesn't quite come through - loved her papercuts!!


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