Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Ok ... the parentals were here as mentioned previously .... we packed up off to Aireys Inlet for a couple of nights but more of that later ... what has been significant is how much more (comparatively so) Dad has opened up about his childhood and growing up ... I wish he'd tell me more .... as it is we only got drips and drabs ... I think he was egged on by my Aunty S, the word garullous is a monumental understatement when describing her pan-asian racontuering ways.

Parentals at Butlers Bend - Aireys Inlet

First hitherto unknown fact - Dad spent the first 6 years of his life living with his Aunty in another village covered in hives!!!

Peops ... this explains a lot and also explains nothing!! I can't really speak objectively about my dad, but its a pretty rough start to a young child's life!!!

When he turned 6 and was of school going age, he returned to the familial home with the prospect of having to acquaint himself with another mother figure ... he remembers wondering as a young child why he had 2 mommies.

I know Mum 'makes up" for these with her war time stories ... but I'm beginning to think I've overlooked my father in the "interesting" stakes.

Mum and Dad spent 2 full days with my Aunty S. Wish I was a fly on the wall then ... Aunty S has a memory like an elephant ... and has a way with telling a story ... well in her lucid moments. I never knew my grandparents, which is a shame, as they're usually the ones to tell you stories about your respective parents' childhoods ... especially the embarrasing ones that you use as collateral at a later teenage date! Aunty S is good for the goss ... and she delivers it in spades!! Oh and a great cook to boot!


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