Wednesday, 8 October 2008

with an i in front life is fantastic

Ok ... peops .. this is the same post as previously but lovingly illustrated by my old school kodak digital cam.

(i) Optus says Yes, Singtel says Hello!!! The bag it came in ... but you know we've all been guilty of putting that target rag in a Paul Smith box before ...

(ii) Little Bubs just out of its packaging:

(iii) Didn't know what this was for until I downloaded the instrutionies ... its the little key to eject the SIM card slot:

(iv) went out and bought a cover quicksmart ... coz I'm hell with these sorts of things ...

(v) Current screensaver - first thing I did was txt the bro with a big brotherly thanks and a "shouldn't have" ... bloody hell you you should-ov!!!


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