Friday, 26 September 2008

dead queer walking

Ok ... I was reading an article in the Good weekend on the tut (as you do!!) ... it was on something to do with Age and wisdom and they interviewed these various luminaries of the geriatric world ... kind of apt at the mo as I'm dealing with parentals and an ageing partner ... well one of these persons of note was Billy Connolly and I am paraphrasing this a little ... coz you know usually these things are full of pappy soundbites that can either go the way of Shirley Maclaine borderline schizo "i see dead people" transcendentals or the video hits stylings of man of the street philosopher alain de boton ... regardless of the fact that he screams old school tie I do prefer the latter ... more descriptive philosophy rather than prescriptive ... for those of you out there who have an arse wipe degree and actually paid attention in first year ... you will know what these two phrases mean ...
Anyways I'm waffling ... basically what our ing-toting mate said at the end was how the question is the answer and that once we stop asking the questions, or at least wanting to seek out answers, we're dead ... walking but dead ... and I can hear Dawn French going "how true!!" But really it is true in a sense .... and right now ... I am dead queer walking!


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