Sunday, 26 October 2008


Ok ... picture this!! A hot balmy Sunday night - with 40% humidity - I sit at the dining table under the pale deco light while the piano mocks me with my own ineptitude as a light stale breeze casually flicks the pages of Ravel's Tombeau Le Couperin ... i am typing this on M's laptop as S the cat casts a baleful look as he jingles his way through the half opened window ... and why does this simple act of typing on a laptop warrant such a ridiculously ott and totally laughable paragraph ??? well because this household is now wireless!!! And I'm pretty damn chuffed about it as I purchased the router and set it up all by myself!!!!! And at $50 a steal, I don't believe it was too much of a risk banking on my so-called "IT" skills ...

What did I get? - Netcomm NB504 - it was the cheapest at Officeworks (I also checked out JB who didn't stock it and Dick Smiths).

All I did was plug in the various cables as instructed - modem into WAN and PC into LAN, powered the modem back on and restarted the puter .. and then logged into the router and checked configs and set up security settings .. too easy!!

Should be the same for everyone, unless of course you have a USB - firewire connection on your modem like T & K ... in which case a call to Netcomm support or an adapator is in order.

Now I can access the internet on my iPhone (YouTube videos are fucking fantastic!!!) and also on my Wii ... although it timed out doing an upgrade due to the neolithic speed we are on!! Seriously ADSL2 ... when telstra when????!!!! The west is inhabited!!! Its not farmland and livestock out here. If only Joan Kirner was still the premier she would have sorted this all out quicksmart!! After all she's a Willy girl herself.


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