Monday, 13 October 2008

No Darling I will not have a surprise - The Invite - edited

No! No, no, no darling! I will not have a surprise. I will not have a surprise party. If it's going to be a surprise, I want to know about it, alright! Because I want to decide when I'm going to come and what I'm going to wear if I do come, alright? You can't expect me to go to any old bloody party, darling.

Reason: Daniel’s “I can feel the fortiness creeping in the night” Party
Day: Saturday
Dress: Tizz if you like, don’t if you CBA, either way if you wear the wrong thing we’ll laugh at you behind your back!
Attitude: Whatevs!!
Catchphrase (to be said at least once during the night): I’d Hit It!
MUSIC: Be Afraid, Be very Afraid
BRINGS: Drink – nibblies supplied courtesy of the Famous blue raincoat


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