Thursday, 23 October 2008

Ghost Patrol

Ok ...

"ghost patrol! You are under arrest!
ghost patrol! You are under arrest!"

I want ...

all of these

Slammin' pencil paintings

but at over a grand a pop and with more than 30 to choose from ...

this will remain but only a pipe-dream

You like?

You want to see?

Get yo ass down to High Street Armadale and check em out!

Deets -

Oh and who's the artist??? Well Ghost Patrol of course!!

Me, M & P went to the opening partee!! I may blog in more detail later only becoz P scored with his previous purchase of a MISO print ... considering that some of her larger pieces were going from between 3 and 5 thousand ducats ... and he only paid about 200 ...well you do the math. And it was an interesting drive out there ... Hoddle Street - Peak period traffic - stir crazy!!!

Alright back to it ... Boney M just came on the iPhone ... Rasputin anyone??

PS - whatever happened to Gerling?

PPS - wii = crack!!



Phoenix wrote:

Those are really beautiful. That's the sort of art I'd collect.
23 Oct


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