Wednesday, 11 June 2008

To be Lonely

Ok ... after the highs must come the lows ...

Maybe its because I woke up late this morning everything is slightly out of whack
Maybe its because we were talking about sad moments in life
Maybe its Winter
Maybe its that tall blonde guy who takes the train with me
Maybe its the librarian bugging me for a response for something that came through on Friday before the long weekend
Maybe its the present I bought for my nephew and that the next time I see him he will be too big to be my hat
Maybe its M and how his fingers hurt of an evening
Maybe its Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever
Maybe its the children starving in Ethiopa or the plane crash in Sudan
Maybe its the teenagers sleeping on the streets

Who knows

I wish I had a way to express all this with wit and poetry - I'd love to have the knack for the "turn of phrase" - I'm in awe of writers/singers who can encapsulate a world of ideas and emotions in one single sentence - economy - thats what I strive for and always fail miserably.

Look its one of those sunny wintry days - I should be more optimissitic - what I'm listening to is not helping either!!

Not many people share my enthusiasm for Joan as Policewoman - I accept that her chosen moniker is a complete turn-off, and her affiliation with Anthony and the Johnsons and Rufus would be throwing up red flags for listeners who aren't fans, and some people would resent her relationship with Jeff Buckley ... but patience and an open mind will repay you so kindly.

I wasn't jumping at the bit when Real Life was released - it took me awhile to seek this album out. But now the song "Real Life" has to be in one of my TopWhatever lists of songs. And Joan has that turn of phrase, both lyrically and musically:

"and its true what they say about love
and its true what they say about life
and I'm taking it for all its worth"

"it's true what they say about me
that I'm out of my mind but I think that you like it
so take the chance,
Be reckless with me"

"We're real life"

So her new album has just come out "To Survive" and as with all sophomore efforts - its difficult not to compare and contrast - this one is going to take a few more listens for me - its not as immediate as Real Life but that through no fault of the material itself, more of the mood I'm in. But as "Real Life" had the song "real life", "To Survive" has the absolute gem called "To be Lonely".

This is me and M's story to a T - she nails me everytime!!!

"This is the one I will try to be lonely with
This is the one I just know
This is the one I want to show
This is the one I would die for to be lonely with"


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