Tuesday, 3 June 2008

How Winter Kills

Ok ... winter is officially here! So tocelebrate we decided to take a walk round Studley Park - Fairfield Boathouse. Melbourne may not have the watery inlets like Sydney or WA, but 15 minutes from the city and you can lose yourself amongst native bushland in places like Studley Park, Fairfield Boathouse, Dights Falls, Herron Island, Collingwood Children's farm etc ... most of which are connected by Melbourne's extensive bike path network.

There's something rather old world glamour about Fairfield Boathouse particularly in winter - I'm thinking linen suits, flapper dresses, hats, gloves, buckled shoes - robert redford and mia farrow in the great gatsby - I love how the outdoor seating is tiered along the river bank leading up to the old boathouse itself - so carrying your tray of coffee and food to your table is like stepping out into a movie set -

We really had a great time and got some exercise with an invigorating walk - although I chucked a bit of a tanty when we traipsed onto the golf course .. haha.

But this really is what Melbourne is all about - we don't have to be "on" all the time - we know how to take quiet reflection in our stride ...

As with my post on Spring, quiet reflection for me is always soundtracked by a significant song. In this instance its Yazoo's "how winter kills". Timely as they're about to release a box set retrospective which includes both studio albums, loads of extras and a dvd of promo vids and live performances. They've already starts a mini-world tour which unfortunately will not be reaching these shores - Upstairs at Eric's was my puberty album!!

Green in your love on bright days

You grew sunblind you thought me unkind
To remind you how winter kills
Lost in daydreams you drove too fast and got nowhere
You rode on half fare when you got too scared
How winter kills
Tear at me searching for weak seams
Pain in your eyes makes me cruel
Makes me spiteful tears are delightful welcome your nightfall
How winter kills
I tear at you searching for weak seams
How winter kills

PS - Vale YSL - I smoked your cigarettes and doused my teenage self in your scent - the world mourns the loss of another icon.


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