Thursday, 5 June 2008

Its the Giant Anglepoise

OK ... I was going through the holiday snaps on our IP supplied photo gallery and realised that I never ever finished my post on the rest of our singers trip. Oh well, makes no never mind, I would have certainly included this photo so I'm doing it now. I need cheering up as the Alice Euphemia sale was dissappointing to say the least, one measly friedrich gray shirt on sale and a whole lot of crap!!! Chicks should check it out coz there's a whole floor upstairs with racks and racks of bargains starting from $25 upwards. Anyways this is a pic ofC & G's Giant Anglepoise (ie.e old skool table lamp) lamp - it never fails to make me chuckle!!!

not a magazine shot btw, that's the living room in the bro's house - jealous much? I know I am

PS still did come away from the alice euphemia sale with a purchase - a cream coloured Untitled Graphic jumper with a skull on the front.


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