Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Ok ... so the little cardboard box was rammed into my post box when I got home today with its little amazon.com mailing label. Super excitement!!! In it was my copy of Kathy Griffin's Allegedly DVD and Kissing the Pink's Naked (plus ep) on CD!!

I waited till M was passed out on the couch and swopped DVD players so i could watch Kathy in all her Region 1 stand-up glory. I've seen this all on Youtube previously but it was nice to watch it in its entirety without the hassle of waiting for the damn thing to load thanks to my lovely cheaparse basic broadband (read dialup) connection.

I was in total celebrity-bashing heaven!!

And if you don't know who Kathy griffin is, she was in that sitcom with Brooke Shields set in a gossip magazine with Judd "breakfast club" Nelson (?) and that guy who played the nerdy music critic who topped himself?? Don't remember it? Can't really blame you!

Anyways ... here's a taster for you:

PS - btw, this blog has been getting daily hits of double figures!!! Via the rss feed - what's so interesting? thats what I want to know - say Hi whoever you are ok?

PPS - Where's my other Amazon delivery which I got confirmation on first??

And you probably have never heard of Kissing the Pink - so its time to educate!! (I love youtube!!!)


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