Thursday, 12 June 2008

Is it a real Miro

Ok .. so I was cleaning up the hard drive in a futile effort to improve response times on our lovley little home pc when I came across some photos I took of the artwork hanging in my previous place of employment.

To be sure it was a hellhole of a joint and pretty soul-destroying work - although there were a number of benefits - meeting JP for a start and gaining a friend, also scoring my ipod nano, a digital camera, and lunch at the Lakehouse with M.

But I digress, I noticed the Miro on my very first day at work:

And prior to that I was entranced by the painting in the boardroom - I still can't make out the signature at the bottom and I never really thought to ask so answers on a postcard peops if you know. Its a massive painting of what looks like a race-track. (addend. 16 Jun 2008 - thanks to the lovely P, the mystery is solved - this is the work of artist Graham Fransella: Graham Fransella)

I'm pretty sure the Miro is an original print - the signature looks real enough - what I wouldn't give to own one.

I had fantasies of turning up after hours and stashing it in my car - but my security code would have been a dead giveaway - and whoever was manning the studio would have spotted me!! Alas!!

I'm writing this while revisiting Amiina's Kurr CD - its one of those albums that you have to be in the mood for ... but when the mood is right, especially with the rain and darkness outside ... nirvana!!

Still trying to make my mind up about the following:

Fleet Foxes
Flying Lotus - Los Angeles
Philip Jeck - Sand

Of all the three above, Flying Lotus is coming close to being added to my 2008 list.


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