Monday, 30 June 2008

The Do Not Disturb sign is on

Ok ... its all been a little quiet on the southern front - its been full lock down over here due to work commitments. I have 2 days off this week to replenish the well and truly depleted energy supplies ... so hopefully things will be back to normal soon.
Here are some random thoughts to tide you over:
(i) Internet - font of knowledge - does this spell the loss of innocence or the loss of ignorance? Or does the glut of information mean that everyone is struggling for the perfect soundbite to grab your attention? Which means that the fundamental posit of capitalism is the underlying driver behind semantic choices, which in turn means that you may not be receiving information in its entirety - so perhaps loss of innocence but an increas in ignorance is a more accurate summation?
(ii) ABBA - watched a repeat of that "Super trouper - 30 years of ABBA" doco. You know the one where you're tricked into thinking that you will witness the momentous ocassion of the 4 members at the same event at the same time ... only to find out in the last few minutes that Agnetha is a no show ... still painful pangs of nostalgia!!!
(iii) The Thread Den was featured in the age - men taking up sewing - why am I always one step behind???
(iv) Our yum char buddies down from NZ - its always a great way to spend a sunday morning - if you're on a diet and are a fussy eater ... why the fuck would you go to Yum Char???
(v) The car crash that is Amy Winehouse continues to roll on - this time at Nelson Mandela's 90th bday bash - managing the slight incline with those teetering shoes and ridiculous beehive threatening to topple over ... coming in early on the 2nd verse of Free Nelson Mandela during the saxophone solo ... covering up memory lapse on the lyrics with a few choice "yeah yeah yeahs" ... priceless!!


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