Wednesday, 4 June 2008


OK ... well DJ's was jampacked!!! Load of peops scrambling round for a bargain ... lots of chicks obviously picking stuff out for their partners ... men in suits on their lunch break trying on winter jackets and casual shirts that can go from 9 to 5 to after 5 ... and little ole me looking for decent bargains in my size!!!!!

If you didn't already know this, the cool hip "youth" labels (akira, paul smith, armani, industrie, ben sherman, frisoni, fillipa k) are now downstairs on ground level in the city store and the oldies (i.e. morissey, kenneth cole, polo, hillfiger etc ) are upstairs but Marcs and Saba got left behind in the move.
Pity, SABA really needs more exposure as a label. I know that they generally play it safe, but if you're smallish in build like I am, SABA's fit is perfect. So out of the 3 items I purchased, 2 were SABA - a black longsleeved top for $39 and a longsleeved collared shirt in black for $99 - I know I know I have enough shirts but I'm a sucker for their SS sizing so anytime there's a sale and a half decent cut and colour I'm there.
Also picked up a DJ v-necked jumper in a light-ish sort of blue. Now blues has to be my least favourite colour for clothes ... but I think its time to re-assess this, particularly against black. This is my work item - the merrino wool is also incredibly soft and not at all itchy against my skin. Only drawback - sleeves are a tad bit too long, but for $50 I ain't complaining.


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