Monday, 5 July 2010

Queen of Denmark

Ok ... I'm breaking the drought dear blog and once again I grace your empty pages with one of the few things that I can honestly claim to be passionate about ... music.

This is soft cock rock at its finest. If you already love the nu-folk stylings of Midlake, then you simply must must must track John Grant's latest "Queen of Denmark".

I was not familiar with John Grant, and even less familiar with his band The Czars, but this album made with Midlake has all the melody and harmony drenched pathos that they are so adept in.

I can't praise this enough. You will find room in your life for any of these neatly constructed vignettes. They will keep you safe in those quiet reflective moments when you feel like you are about to implode ... they will put a slight but knowing smile as you brace the icy winds of a cold Melbourne winter.

Mojo (typical) has given it the full retro force of a perfect 10 score ... and it is indeed well deserved!! I am in love with John Grant.

Here's the first single - "I wanna go to Marz"

Buy Buy Buy!!!!

Oh and he has a song called "Sigourney Weaver" - Genius!!


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