Friday, 23 July 2010


Ok ... I have been interstate and privy to costly wireless hotel connections which isn't really an excuse ...perhaps you would like to know that it was more a case of too many drinks at hotel bars to be arsed with interhole meanderings and hence the lack of recent posts!!

But where to begin? Surely we must break this erstwhile literary drought with a post about food. I believe we may have found the holy grail of fish and chipperies. As you may or may not care less, M and I are constantly on the lookout for a local fish and chips that is in anyways half decent!! It has been a long, arduous and ultimately fruitless quest until now. And the best part of it is its just round the corner!! So sundry chips and batter don't arrive a-table all soggy with crispness motioned away on the car ride home.

And where exactly are we talking about? Well Ebi on Essex Street. John who runs the joint looks like an escaped convict or a villain out of a Jean-Pierre Jeunet movie. But he's sweet as green tea custard pie. M had already checked the joint out for lunch and was his usual effusive self, which meant that even the gravel on the footpath outside was somehow remarkable by association. Anyhoo, he was raving about the Vegie Balls which were good enough to turn you vego:

They also have crab balls on the menu. But I gather these are popular and sell out pretty early in the day. M ordered the Squid and I went for fish.

M's Crispy Fried Squid

Perfectly cooked Fish and Chips

Both were served with a portion of yummy yellowy chips and this amazing nipponese salad complete with pickled Bamboo shoot (which I actually loved) and crisp slice of lotus root.

He has plans for a sake bar which would suit us just fine. We can get obnoxiously tanked and simply stumble home on foot.

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  1. This place looks awesome! The squid looks so finely cut, for maximum surface area crispiness. Can't wait to try it out. I'm so glad I'm moving to Footscray soon. And even more glad there are rumblings of a sake bar in the area. Rockin'!

  2. Always glad to welcome someone new to these humble pages ... you will LOVE Footscray!! And when you're finally here, you need to check out my friend's bar in Seddon (round the corner) ... have a $9.00 Hendricks Gin and tonic and some yummy tapas at Sabroso.


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