Thursday, 15 July 2010

Cardinal Sins

Ok ... I've broken 2 cardinal sins in recent times:

Firstly I gave a good friend a candle (oh devil!!) for her birthday. Admittedly I bought it at a really cool store with an awful name (Toolz) and it smellt exactly as it said on the jar - lemongrass!! But it is still a candle nonetheless!!!

Secondly, I bought a pair of shoes perhaps a size too big and at one of those hideously tacky stores where they charge premium prices for pseudo designer (i.e. copied in eastern europe and manufactured in China) clothing. In my defence the boot ticks most of my requirements and was heavily reduced from what it was priced at before. Again another thing to note is that you should never pay full price at these so called fashion emporiums!! Wait till sales or bargain ... I did both.

The name of the store (Tzar) and its reverse writing should have set off the alarm bells.

The brand name (primo emporio) of the shoe should have had the fire engines clanging outside the door already!!!

But you know what? I still like!

I'm not going to reveal the final price but its cheaper than you would think. The sales"men" was a bit distracted with the rough trade he was helping fit in the ugliest tie-dyed crinkled ice blue pair of jeans this side of Moe!! He was happy enough to take my money though.


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