Friday, 25 June 2010

Another pair bites the dust

Ok ... this is ridic ... I've just busted another pair of earphones ... or rather another pair don' quit on me!! Thats like 4 pairs in the space of a year and a half ... I know we're in a throwaway consumerist society abnormally obssessed with the bottom line ... but surely things should last a little longer than that. I'm slightly suspicious ... I'm sure its the new economics ... ensure QC levels are maintained so that products last just a bit over the warranty period and like clockwork ... pow! they die.

What really grates is the fact that its not the audio quality that is the problem .. its the damn cables that give out ... either one side dies ... or else the wires at the join deteriorate and it sounds like you haven't fully engaged the jack ... either way it basically stops working ...

So I can't rely on reviews to aid my choice because I want to know that they're going to last and that they're going to withstand some reasonable amount of wear and tear ... I mean these earbuds are meant for portable devices after all!! I'm not prepared to spend hard-earned on some whizzbang sennheiser/shure/v-moda/koss/etymotic or whatever the going brand of the moment is  just to have them die in a few months time.

Anyhoo, I had a cheap arse back up pair of TDKs just for the replacement earbuds (which my Logitech LE earbuds costing 80% more than the TDKs did not come with!!) which I keep at work. I've not had cause to use them as I've always managed to find the missing earbud in my bag/under the collar of my shirt/down the side of the car seat/on the street - quick blow and you're ready to go!/you get the picture.

So faced with the prospect at having to shell out another impulsive 100 due to music deprevation (and I can't walk out in public without my security blanket!!), I decided to check and see that the earbuds were indeed at fault and not a worn socket ... so using the newly opened TDK pair as a tester, I plug these in with trepidation (as the alternative would really suck!!) and guess what?? These cheaparse $16 numbers are not bad ... not bad at all ... comfortable and with a reasonable sound ... and you know what ... I bet they last a whole lot longer!!! Now watch those hipsters give me the side-eye when they see the TDK label ... and you know they're looking out for it!!!

I can put up with it not having an iPhone compatible remote for the time being ... at least when I'm a little more solvent ... or when prices come down a little!!


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