Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A Random but pervy post

Ok ... I think its time we do a mid week roundup. Here are some of the random thoughts I had recently:

- an unexpected but not entirely unpleasant bonus to a certain social networking site (libris facialis) - having young turks as your buddies who in turn have young turks who love showing off shirtless bodies in galleries that they leave unlocked ... I do love them bits of rough!!

- nearing the end of True Blood season one and Sookie has just popped her cherry .... which made me think how a friend asked whether I was in love the day after I had mine popped ... he was being flippant ... but obviously I had the "glow" ... wow that was so long ago ... I miss the innocence and yearning that preceded it sometimes

- one more sleep till M gets back!!

- caught up with P for a rather sedate but pleasant afternoon repast at the Auction Rooms. I had a sadly underwhelming Pork Knuckle Sandwhich (cue consistently bad punning from the staff) with
crackling (mustard and pickles needed a bigger kick) ...

... P had a wagyu steak sandwhich

... I thought we were having an afternoon of drink and debauchery? But it was all very sedate and civilised. Glad you're back P and that all is well. Can't wait to see those 10 photos.

- just watched the Worst Scorcese movie of all time - Shutter Island (sorry D)

- Falling in love with newies from Robyn, Divine Comedy, Tame Impala, Chew Lips, and re-assessing the last MGMT album ... super excited by my Kraftwerk boxset and its impeccable remastering.

- I'm in love with the guy in the Subway commercial ... even his fake blokey accent ... coz I'm sure he talks like he's from melbourne high!

- Melbourne - freezing!!!

- did I mention one more sleep till M gets back!!!

And I think I missed out on commenting about our first lady of ginge ... so here's a bit of unlikely socio-political commenting on this blog:


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