Monday, 5 July 2010

In my hour of need ... there is food and stoic company!

Ok ... I am lucky to have friends who are gourmands ... life would simply be a paltry series of non-events if not for the brief baccalanian stopovers orchestrated by the more than capable hands of The N's.

In my current state of forced hermitude, they invited me over for a slap banger on Friday night where I was served ...

Crab and corn soup - made with real chicken stock and lightly blanched fresh corn ... the perfect starter:

Korean Belly Pork served with rice, kimchi and a sweet oyster/soy sauce ... wrapped in lettuce it was a delightful morsel for the tastebuds:

And a bowl of crispy fried prawns which my mother would have been proud of:

Thank you my friends. It made the empty hours a little more tolerable.


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