Friday, 30 July 2010

This gig should be on a friday night at 11pm ...

Ok ... met up with the lovely Licio for an evening of dancerock hi-jinks with Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem.

This has to be the earliest start to a gig I have ever experienced. Hot Chip hit the boards at 8pm!! They were their usual fun daggy self. But Alex really needs to lose that silly cap circa 1990.

Hot Chip have always been a better prospect live rather than on record. Its a bigger and meatier sound and they do look like they're having loads of fun ... and I haven't seen that kind of 80s shoulder swinging style dancing that Owen Clarke was dishing out (resplendent in Blue Miami vice Blazer and Striped top ala Jean Muir) since ... well the 80s!

Joe Godard was not present (for some undisclosed reason) but they had him appear on screen doing vocals for a couple of tracks looking like something out of a Bunuel movie. I remarked to W that if I was in a band, we would come on just like that ... multiple screens with a backing track!

They really got the crowd going with a string of favourites including Over and Over (I think everyone likes singing "like a monkey with a miniature cymbal), One Life Stand (Owen was going right off), One Pure Thought (I was going right off) and of course W's fav Ready for the Floor (she was dancing in the toilet). No Playboy unfotch but hey it was nigh on perfect otherwise.

But seriously dudes .... 8 o'clock?? Thats kindy time. And what's with the marracas overload?

After roughly a 30 min wait, LCD Soundsystem came on with their post-punk, new wave/no wave, electro-rock sensibilities. All the way from New York via Germany & the UK, with lashings of Bowie/Eno/Roxy and erm ... Duran Duran.

Yet another band that trully energizes live. And there must have been some good shit going round because from where I was standing, it was dance party madness. Everyone and I mean everyone was tapping in and flipping out. I was pogo-ing just standing still as the floorboards bounced up and down.

They started with a few favs including recent single Drunk Girls and the indisputable genius of Disco Infiltrator ... as a result the middle section lagged ... until the uber-punking Movement (my favourite). They even played Losing my edge. But take note James, closing with New York I Love You is getting stale.


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