Thursday, 9 April 2009

Weisse nicht ohne schwarz existieren

Ok ... so didn't I mention that it was a weekend devoted to the arts and food? No? Well let me try your patience a little bit longer. Back in the early days of this humble blog, I mentioned the Top Arts exhibition (at Ian Potter Fed Square) in a post ... we have pretty much been to every one since. They're good value, entry is free and its a pleasant way to spend an afternoon soaking in all that creativity and talent and being duly inspired and provoked. These are the young creatives of the future, names to watch out for!!
Me and M were very much taken byJim Gurr's 14 minute video entry called Kunst Film. It was a loving homage to early German Expressionist cinema, with filmic nods in terms of style, content and editing. We actually sat through 2 runs of the thing ... we loved it that much. Its amazing what can be achieved on a budget, I think the constraints make the final product that much more satisfying ... definitely a name to watch out for!
stills from Jum Gurr's Kunst Film
Here are some of our other favourites:
* Jason Edwards take on consumerism and the environment - his earthenware sculpture of Pure white Ipod Video:
* Katie Kelso's Harriet - I particularly love the dega-esque touches here, the pastel highlights and that sort of curved perspective ... impressive!
 * Rania Tabet's Orange Juice ... in the making - there were a whole series of these kitchenalia paintings which are so much better in real life. we love the effect of the reflections on the shiny surfaces of these kitchen fittings and utensils ... reminds me of those Koon paintings.
* Rhys Griffiths' A thousand Years of Darkness - I'm not overtly fond of digitally maipulated pictures in art ... but these are strangely appealing ... I do love looking at the luminescence of jellyfish at the aquarium ... which is what these remind me of ... and I'm reading alot of books on faerie at the moment ... and these look like changelings caught in jars ...
* Rhys Parkinson's Kevin ... this is so good because its done in colour pencil!!! (damn I wish I could draw)


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