Tuesday, 21 April 2009

JB You've done it again!! And again ... and again ... and again

OK ... maybe this could work ... with the advent of digital downloads ... does this mean that the price of physical CD stock currently wasting rent in the back catalogues of the larger chain(s) will plummet to ridiculously affordable levels??

I think there was a little bit of that when I ransacked the sale bins today and took full advantage of their further 20% off orange sticker special offer!!
For the princely sum of $50, I came away with the following delights:
(i) Jay Jay Johanson: Tattoo
Ok his voice is not to everyone's taste ... its a slightly precious nerdy falsetto ... and this is 18th street lounge lite and a little dated ... but melodies are strong with that european taint of melancholia ... perfect for autumn.

(ii) Long Range - Madness and Me
Phil Hartnoll of the Orbital and his new venture ... pretty much what you expect of a techno stalwart facing a dance scene that has evolved and morphed into electro and dub ... but at $4 I'm not complaining ... decent enough fare.

(iii) Dengue Fever - Escape from Dragon House
Amazing blend of vintage Cambodian pop and old skool indie rock ... it works and works really well ... this is a definite recommend!

(iv) trans am - surrender to the night
Remember when everyone was into krautrock ... relive those heady po-faced days!

(v) Chas Jankel - My Occupation
One of Ian Dury's blockheads, this best of wonderfully remastered with the biggest sound is pure white soul discofunk ... I remember when Ai no Corrida was constantly on the airwaves ... this is my disco!!


(vi) to rococo rot - abc123
Minimal german techno ... as only the germans can do ... strangely addictive ... but also a little dated.

(vii) Leila - blood looms and blooms

Ok biggest score of all!!! I love this album .. and now I have my own copy - check out my little capsule review under my fave list for 2008.


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