Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Last Hurrah!

Ok .. was the weather on the long weekend Melbourne's last hurrah ... feels like it as a mini gale blows outside complete with icy droplets of piercing rain.
I dearly hope not. I'm pining for those crisp Autumn mornings ... rugged up on a pavement somewhere sipping coffee.
The long weekend was not long enough as it never is. We spent the 4 2 extra days respite doing the proverbial sweet FA! We did go and see J & CC's new flat which is stunning!!! Pity this is only a stop gap rental property until they find something more permanent. I think they would buy this apartment in a flash if the opportunity presented itself.
It has so many quirky little touches including this massive tiled plinth of a bathroom sink that is certainly higher than most, and positively dwarfs everyone who stands in front of it except for J of course. His conference in Bangkok maybe cancelled, so their trip to Thailand and Laos may not go ahead. Which is a shame becoz I think they were really looking forward to a bit of R & R after the stresses of finding a place to rent and moving. We had dinner at this new Vietnamese joint called FaiFo, next to Ving Kye (sshhh don't let them know! apparently) which was not bad at all!!! And so cheap. We had a pork intestine salad, beef in claypot (least successful), spring rolls which came with a whole prawn inside the pastry, crab meat with vermicelli (we loved it so much we ordered a second one), fish with ginger and spring onions in claypot (beautiful) and fried rice with salt fish and chicken. Anyhoo, FF was there and she was telling us how in her family, mum is yellow and dad is red, so any discussions on politics are banned at the dinner table. I'm actually heartened by the fact that there still is some form of activism in that region, evidence of a social and political conscience that hasn't been entirely stamped out under the defense of cultural difference.
I ramble!! We also took a drive down an expensive piece of coast just for shits and giggles!!! Some people really know how to live!! Thats all I have to say on the subject. Oh and I have experienced how its like to live on the other side of the tracks but shit like this still gives me a thrill. In Black Rock there's a 2 storey house that fronts the coast road, so it has million dollar views to say the least and the convenience of being able to literally jump the road into the sea. However, this house also has a glass bordered balcony that covers the front of the house and snakes round the back. This is however no ordinary balcony ... it is not a really a balcony at all ... it is in fact a Pool!!!!
Sadly all I got to do was walk around a beach made up of shells and stones and wierdarse volcanic features ... hence black rock ... I'm guessing.
To round off the weekend we had a bbQ with K & M and also S & G and co in the cutest little park in Pascoe Vale. Can I be real here for a moment peops ... I'm tired of playing happy families ... but M was adorable reading Maurice Sendak's Where the wild things grow to the little tyke ... oh yes the hollyqood juggernaut is already making inroads into your household!!
Ooh and apparently N told our other little fav J to go away when he was playing with his bestie A ... oh J!!! I know exactly how you must feel ... story of my life ... I was the loner on the playground ... or worst yet I gave up joining in and hung around the adults ... hhmmmm!! We are soooo putting a stop to that one!! Hehe.
We still think you're kewl!!
PS ... I've been a little thrown by my gradually developing middle age paunch! I expected it to start growing a lot lower than it actually is?? I thought I would have to go up a trouser size, but I don't!! I do have to watch my tops though because the paunch starts expanding round about the second and third buttons ... oh and of course my flabby arms push everything else out or proportion with the end result that nothing fits ... AT ALL!!! 


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