Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Desal ... no sell!!

Ok ... whats a drink amongst friends?? ... a bloody good time thats what!

We met the lovely P after his stint manning the ikebana store at the floral whatsit for drinks at Southpaw.

I've always wanted to go here ever since I walked past the white picket fence and fake green turf on the footpath outside.

Its Gertrude Street after all, THE street in Melbourne at the mo. And it is a cute little joint with quite a wierd mix of people, as befitting fitzroy really. You've got your crazies, your stylies, your hobohemians, your stinkies and even your hip hoppity hoppies ... there's also the hostess rocking it in a 60s monochrome licorice allsorts dress complete with beret and red heels ... and then there's us!!

We whiled away the hours on red wine and red wine alone ... sampling a fantastic sangiovese and you guessed it ... a temperanillo:

We were meant to go round the corner and try to get into Gigibaba's but I don't think it would have been wise of me to peel myself of the pvc stool and attempt any form of physical exertion ... as it is I believe we left at exactly the right time!!

We did end up ordering some nibblies at Southpaw itself, including some yummy sausage rolls, some vege tart thingeys, blinis with smoked salmon!! and chips wrapped in newspaper. Our new friend R had a vego rice dish with apricots and yoghurt and shizz like that ... couldn't really tell in the light but I gather it was yummy.

And we are skating round the elephant in the room dear reader(s) ... but we musn't let details get in the way of a good time!!


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