Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Esprit de Corps!

Ok ... thanks to the sartorial largesse of my label obsessed friend CC, I now own a pair of Esprit shoes that have uncharacteristically been made in Italy.

I remember when Esprit was a must stop on any fashion lover's longsuffering trek in the 80s. We craved to be on the mailing list, receiving those jaunty crayon coloured cards in the mail announcing a new line or a midnight halloween sale. We salivated at the thought of the bargain bin at sale time and was positively frothing in the knowledge that our best friend N at the time could afford one of their denim jackets ... which I'm sure he dutifully stuck with safety pins and popstar buttons!!
Anyhoo ... I wouldn't be caught dead in Esprit now!!! How the times have changed. But these are made in Italy .. and lets face it ... are pretty cool.


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