Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Two little Piggies

Ok ... this is a no pic post ..
Just barely survived a weekend of nearly bacchalanian proportions ... well not quite but its started Friday night with a pig out at the Station Hotel. The Angus still rocks my world ... but my tummy rebelled when it came to sweets ...
Spent saturday slow cooking a curry using the last batch of halal lamb cuts that we bought some time ago ... this time my tummy took to the streets and rioted in protest with spot fires and thrown rocks ... i.e. I simply could not digest such a heavy meal so soon after another the night before ... I felt like that was a clamp round my chest, and then another one round the lower part of my belly, slowly squeezing the section in between ... whatever was stuck underneath was going to have to come out one route or another ... unfortunately it extruded up my gut out of my mouth ... pretty!!!
Then whilst sane minded peops would have said lets give the tum tum a bit of a rest, lunatics like myself head down to Vic market on Sunday to the latin festival and systematically inhales the entire gamut of south american cuisine in the space of a very quick hour and a half ... tamales, quesideias, argentinian bbq, meat with beans and corn, empanadas ... and to top it all of, having unsuccessfully queued twice for churros only to be told they had run out .. we headed down to Sabroso for a plate of the darn things and a glass of Sangria ...
(ps tummy survived and lived to tell the tale)


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