Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Ok from the William Boyd book I'm reading at the moment called "Any Human Heart":

"So where would you like to go for dinner?"
"Anywhere you're not, you bastard-cunt!"

Maybe its the schoolboy in me but when I read this on the train .. I couldn't stop laughing much to the consternation of most of my fellow passengers ... but also to the delight of the pedo-like middle aged suit near the door ... euww! Hello I'm pushing 40!!

By the way, this book is curiously engaging. Its sort of a fictional journal of this English sloane ranger type and his life through the war years and beyond. Some real figures of histroy are written into the story like:

Edward and Mrs Simpson

AND Ian Fleming .. and there's a small hint that the protagonist may have in some small way inspired the James Bond .. and whats worse Boyd actually footnotes his own book, also based on a fictional painter ... Tickets!!!

But you know what ... its an absolute romp .. I actually look forward to the train ride in the morning just so I can read a few more pages on my way to work ...!!


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