Monday, 18 August 2008


Ok .. the blockbuster that is the Art Deco exhibition at the NGV courtesy of the Victoria & Albert Museum ... Deco Heaven!!

Bearing in mind that the Art deco movement was partially fueled by capitalism and its inherent consumerist tendencies ... so its kind of perfect for the times ... since its the 80s all over again .. teetering on the edge of a recession fueled by greed.

Anyways, its testament to the creativity on display that punters were filled with an instinctive consumerist joy so much so that many a stranger struck up conversations with each other with seemingly consummate ease ... me included ... the one who usually has a furtive smile and resolutely pursed lips ... anyhoo!!!

There was alot to take in and we both had our favourites ... mine were the exquisite leather tooled book bindings ... there were about 4 to 5 different ones on diplay ... absoultely stunning ...

M was so frantically envious of the Polar bear sculpture that he ran around the shop trying to see if there was a replica for sale ... I swear he would have paid $500 if that was what it cost. Thankfully this is owned by the NGV so we will always have access to it at some point in time .. just not in the comfort of our own home:

Paintings, jewellery, scuplture, objet d'arts ... so much to take in.

Even M was fascinated by the clothes on display .. Chanel of course .. but also this lanvin dress that was easily my favourite:

And of course being boys, depsite inherent proclivities, we also like our toys:

And the most fascnating of all was the salvaged facade of the Palace Strand Hotel!!

I think this has to be my favourite blockbuster so far ... next year ... its Dali!!

Oh and M reckons that when he was in San Fran they were selling original Dali's for 300 - 500 USD a pop ... small ones but he assures me they were the genuine article ... HELLO!!! I think senility has set in ... more like original Darlies!!!

Which reminds me about seeing this Sth African guy on Collectors who collects tubes of toothpaste!!! Hhmmm!!! Anyhoo ... I was looking out to see if he had in his collection a pre-PC-esque tube of Darkie toothpaste (with the close up of a black and white minstrel) but sadly No. ONly 2 tubes of darlie.

PS - rediscovering the joys of Peter gabriel ... the remasters were all on sale for $9.99 at JB!! "Shock the Monkey" y'all!!


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