Thursday, 28 August 2008

Sick as a DAWG!!!

Ok ... I was sick as a dog and had a bit of a mini-meltdown ... but I am on the mend folks and will back to full vacuos swing very shortly ... but here are some random thoughts:

(i) Aus Idol ... no favourites yet ... but I am enjoying!!
(ii) SYTYCD ... it starting to feel so rushed and compressed ... but you know what ... I'm really not surprised about the elimination choices so far ... apparently Americans can see through the outward sheen and gloss *nods head in sidelong cryptic glance*
(iii) Duck Eggs at Bistro Vue ... much much much much more of that later
(iv) God I love Penicillin
(v) God I'm so sick of soup!
(vi) And as soon as the back of my throat stops looking like Hooch, I will be devouring a side of sheep ... hooves and all I tell you!!!
(vii) I "trully madly deeply" love M ... oh did that make you all a little sick ... little bit??
(viii) The new Leila album definitively rocks!!!
(ix) Some writers should not be published!
(x) Toni Basil on SYTYCD???!!! Ex-cue me!! Where has this cheerslut been since "guys like you Mic-KEY!"? Under the surgeon's knife time and time again .. looks like. But u know what ... she was makin a whole lotta sense!! Does that say more about me than anything else??? Hhmmm ... I do love that song Mickey *blush* I know all the words ... but thankfully not the cheermoves!!
(xi) If you ever have a sorethroat ... get a bottle of Chrysanthemum with Honey drink into you ... brandname - Hung FookTong ... in singers some of the chinese medicine shops have a stand that sells hot chrysanthemum tea ... in individual glasses with their own little lids .. you pay your 80cents or whatever and drink it down then and there ... comes in 2 varieties ... light and sweet in that golden apple juicy colour and also a really intense dark bitter version which is absolutely the shizz!!! I don't care whether you think its pyschological or somekind of fool's panacea .. but when that throat starts scratchin like a whore's after too many $5 tricks ... one mug of this oldskool brew and you'll be singing Wagnerian!!

Ooh Led Zeppa just came on the ipod .. gotta scoot .. a few more librarians to sort out before the clock strikes 5.


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