Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Come to the Supermarket in old Peking

Ok .. my contribution to Olympic Fever is that I suddenly have cravings for Shanghainese food ... ok ... Beijing, Shanghai whatevs they're all the same aren't they? (I am quarter chinese ... I have a right)

Anyhoos .. I've been buying up sauce packets and seeking out dumplings and wierd-arse stews and recently had the pleasure of dining at the Footscray branch of Ba Guo Bu Yi - the original being Tooraking in surprisingly enough Toorak.

I'm not sure whether it was the cool weather (Melbourne = Ice at the moment) and thus the need for any source of warmth possible, but when they delivered this massive steaming bowl of Sour Hot Fish Soup to the table and we took our first mouthfuls ... it felt so comforting and wonderful (I know ... it is a nanna word ... but perfect in this case). I'm sure they sodium bi-carbed the fish beforehand as it had that smooth consistency almost slimy but oh so fresh ... there was also loads of white pepper ... preserved vegetables including these wonderfully pungent and piquant pickled green chillies. The only really small drawback (miniscule!!) for me was the preponderance of those glass noodles (transparent vermicelli or Tang hoon) which I always find a bit on the slimy side ... when we placed out order, the waiter said "er its quite spicy" TYPICAL ... Bring it on Bitches .. you have no idea!!! Although M did start choking on his first mouthful and I was going "M!!! You're letting the side down!!"

For entree we had a plate of special shanghainese bacon ... TDF peops TDF!!! Although next time I'm going for a bowl of vinegared noodles ... or possibly the crispy sliced chicken salad (misnomer ... unless of course meat, salad and three veg are all exactly the same for you) As a side ... you guessed it ... chinese broccoli ... this time in garlic sauce ... oyster sauce would have been too rich ... This year has turned out to be more than satisfactory food-wise .. our annus culinarus ... you could say!!!

Sorry about lack of pics ... was too busy orgasming over the flavours to interrupt the experience ...

Footscray 火锅城
Food Crazy Chinese Restaurant
Shop 2 & 3, 250 Barkly St, Footscray 3011
03 9687 3126

巴国布衣 精品川菜馆
Ba Guo Bu Yi Tooraking Fine Chinese Cuisine
Level 1, Trak Centre, 443 -445 Toorak Rd Toorak 3142
(03) 9826 1386

(details off avlxyz flickr page)

Alright some random pics off google image to get you in the mood:

sliced belly pork with garlic sauce .. check out the layer of oil ... YUMM!!

this kinda looks like the fish soup we had ... it had that slightly greasy yellow colour

szechuan chicken ... when I think szechuan - this is what comes to mind - loads of dried red chillis

PS - i have my fingers crossed for T & K - we may hear the pitter patter of tiny feet very very shortly

PPS - we recently had peops over for drinks ... what with the babies and everything it felt so domestic ... quick I need something silver and geometrical to remind me that I am clutching at the fading straws of youth!!! AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!


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