Tuesday, 5 August 2008

LabPartners and the Outre markup

Ok ... so I'm buying a pressie at lunch time and end up at Outre where I spy these 3 framed prints by Lab Partners at what I think is a reasonable price at $65 each. I stare at these for a good 15 mins and even ask gallery assistant to show me the missing one off the set that she has just sold. She kindly gets it from the back room and unwraps it for me. You can get the whole set of 4 for $245:

I love them. They look like retro childrens book illustrations ... and they're so cheery and I'm so weary ... the spending endorphonse start to kick in .. thankfully Miss Outre is distracted by another customer and I quietly slip out with my usual mantra of "if its still there when come back then it was meant to be" ... obvisouly I've missed out on tonnes of stuff before as a result.

So I go back to work all enthused and start checking things out online , and lo and behold ... what do I find ... the numbered and signed set of all 4 for US$45.00 at Etsy.com ... unframed but still .... that is so much cheaper!!!!

Score a few cheapo frames from Ikea ... we have a mat cutter so just some hard creamy paper and we should be right!!

Sometimes I'm glad that I don't think to do these things online .. I would be that much poorer!!


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