Wednesday, 13 August 2008

If you dream of the girl for you, then call me and get 2 for the Price of One ... well almost!

Ok ... so I must have been feeling the need for some retail therapy which I'm now kinda regretting. These 2 months were supposed to be reserved for catching up on the ole savings account ... unfortch after doing so well I've fallen hard and fast ... and have stooped to actually purchasing a garment from the Basement at Myer ... oh the shame ... jeez .. I'm just kidding ... I am a snob ... but not that much of a snob!!!

However, as much as I have gussied this all up, the fact remains ("I'm the only who can hold your reigns" only tragic 80s freaks and R will get what I mean) that I have spent more money than I "should-of" on things that I "could-of" done without .. i.e. CLOTHES!!!

Admittedly, there was a buy 2 and get 60% off at the Chinese clothing store in mid-city plaza ... so that's a pretty good bargain ... and I tend to find a better fit in these stores .. but the sales chicks always try to put me in larger sizes coz they don't see me as asian .. anyhoo, there was a great "Rhythm Nation" coat that i would have got if they had a small ... it felt cosy and warm too ... so I'm spewing that I hadn't gotten there sooner ... but I was deliberatly not climbing those pokemon stickered stairs for the last few weeks ... knowing fully that I would have succumbed to the almighty pleasures of the Discount!! And didn't I just prove it today!!

At said Asian men's Boutique - I got a cardie and this pseudo crushed leather jacket ... which I love ... but errs a little on the Politix (circa 2000) side!!!

I then made the mistake of swinging by Myer to try on AGAIN the 40% off trench that I already tried on yesterday ... I wasn't sure of the length, but at 40% I was determined to make it work .. I try it on again ... and then hand it back to myer chick and say I'll think about it .... I am literally standing at the lights on Londsdale fully intending to cross and head back to work .. but the "kia-su" (ask your singaporean friends what this means) devil in me spins my feet around involuntarily and before you know it .. myer chick is swiping my credit card and I am doomed to interest rate purgatory!!!

But I came away with this ... does look on the el cheapo side in comparison with some of the coats these cool boys have been rocking ... and let me tell you this ... there are soo many cool dudes out there all of a sudden ... I think this slim silhouette has somehow touched a cord ... perhaps its the inner bogan in all of us ... becoz lets face it ... there was a time that the only ones rocking those skinny black levis were the very same with the "business up front, party at the back" hairstyles.

Bottom line is I like it ... I'll wear it ... and really thats all that should matter!!

PS - how great is this season of SYTYCD ... I've seriously been feeling the cabin pressure so many times!!! I have too many favourites .. but the ones I hang out for are Twitchington (me and the rest of the world seems like), Mark and ooh forgot her name .. blonde cheerleader type ... and Joshua and Katee!!!

PPS - HEROES is back and Milo's mouth is seriously twisted!! Creeped me out ... but I'd still (in the manner of Dlisted) hit it!!!

PPPS - 24th August 2008 - hope you have this marked on your diary and programmed into you PVR - IDOL of course ... duh!! I've already picked my favs from the ad ... haha ... how pathetic this is.

PPPPS (nearly finished with the pleeeaaaaazzzeeee sees) - perhaps its the clothes .. the media images ... the obsession with status and money .. I dunno ... but I'm truly feeling the 80s vibe ... so this is what has been rocking the Ipod of late .... and this is just the beginning I'm afraid:

Communication - Spandau Ballet
Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes
Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
Harden your Heart - Quarterflash
Vienna - Ultravox
Metal Dance - SPK
A little bit of Echo (erm and the Bunnymen .. not Pseudo!!)
Some Hall and Oates form the drum machine period (i.e. Private Eyes, I can't go for that, Maneater)
Sheena Easton - Machinery (huh .. djyeah!! of course)
Life in a Northern Town - Dream Academy
Yazoo, Depeche, Duran, Wham .. the usual

Trouble is ... I no longer have the fringe ... hhmmm maybe its time to have those hair extensions again!!


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