Monday, 18 August 2008

Suspended in Gaffa!

Ok .. we finally made it to the ACCA (Australian Centre of Contemoprary Art) - that rusted geometrical blob near the freeway vent and currently housing the Vault!\

Been meaning to go there for ever so long and I'm very glad we did as we managed to catch Jim Lambie's "Eight Mile High" exhibit.

This basically consisted of reams of multi-coloured gaffa tape stuck on the floor in patterns that echo the architecture of the space ... look its a touch wanky on paper but so effective in the execution. Everywhere I pointed my mobile camera I caught a different pattern, and by extension a different feel to the piece.

At the end of the room there was a series of mirrors suspended from the ceiling reflecting the riot of colour below:

And suspended on one wall was what looked like an ink soaked mattress bleeding down onto the floor:

I'm not going to even attempt to read anything whatsoever into all of this ... M calls it psychobabble .. slightly incorrect use of the term .. but you get the gist ...

But visually I was tickled pink by the concrete boxes of actual vinyl ... the chick manning the exhibit talked about it being a dying medium .. what ... vinyl??? Dying my arse!! ... but i wasn't going to argue the point ... I was killing it in my crushed leather bomber ... that was enough for me ...

Thoroughly recommended ... ends mid September ... then they're going to have to pull all that gaffa tape off .. hehehe.

While you're there check out Rosslynd Piggott's Extract: in 3 parts

You'll get to see a diamond ... rolling waves projected onto a massive wall in the gallery ... AND this amazing sound shell that you have to play around with ... its hard to describe ... but the echoes and vibrations are so much fun!! Go go Go!

BTW, for a long time I never really knew what gaffa was. The first time I came across this word was when Kate Bush's The Dreaming came out ... with the song Suspended in Gaffa ... crazy huh??

PS: Peter Gabriel's 4 is amaaaazzziing!!

PPS: CONGRATS TO T & K on the birth of their Baby Boy ... so pink ribbons, ballet slippers and tutus??


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