Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Shameless Plug - The new and improved Tramway Hotel in Nth Fitzroy

Ok ... we were privileged enough to have been invited to the launch of Chris Crouch's (erstwhile owner of Polyester and Candle records, now avid twitterer - http://twitter.com/thecrouchpotato) new business venture.

He has resumed an old business partnership, thrown in a new element in the form of the lovely Jess, bar manager extraordinaire and purchased the old Tramway Hotel in North Fitzroy (165 Rae Street), with the hopes of turning it into a new and improved funky local for denizens of this hip and happening suburb.

The Bar

What was once a fairly standard pub with an overly red interior (or so I have been informed) is now all polished concrete and blond wood. But don't let that put you off, there is enough of a no fuss no muss attitude both with the interiors and the staff for this to qualify as a true local, and just simply a nice place to chill out with a bevvie and friends. And thats all you really want from a pub isn't it?

Detail looking out into the outdoor area

Be warned, they're still working on a kitchen and hope to have it up and running within a month. It will be standard pub fare, mainly burgers, steak sangers and definitely a few vegetarian options - the "publican's wife" is vego and a good friend of ours ... I know I know, we do have vego friends ... there will always be roadblocks on life's journey!

Chris pulling a cold one

I can't wait to see how this all pans out. But in the meantime, M will encourage afterwork drinks here, and I hope to make this a regular venue for those "long time no see" catch ups.
Oh and they have Gypsy Pear Cider on tap!! Bonus!

PS if you have returned to this post and feel as though something is missing ... well there is. I have been advised to remove a photo of the lovely "publican's wife" on pain of some horrible form of torture ... so sad.

PPS You may wish to read our review of the food here.

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  1. Tell me more DC - DC x

  2. Better yet!!! Come for a visit and I'll show you!

  3. PS ... get a google account already!!! So we know who you are!


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