Sunday, 13 February 2011

Peach Garden

Ok ... love em or loathe em ... chain restaurants where they can charge according to ambience and service more than the quality of the food itself ... if you're in a foreign country you could inadvertantly stumble upon one of these palaces of entrepreneurialship ... it could turn out to be the worst meal ever, or it could turn out to be the best ... but very rarely does the meal bear repeating ... but we were fortunate enough to sample the delights of Peach Garden twice.

The first time was several years ago when M had his first taste of Winter Melon Soup served in a hollowed out Winter Melon which he absolutely adored! We were lucky to have LT along for the ride then as she is in the biz and has connections, she was equally cajoling this time round and got us the best deals and our own little room. But I don't think we really got used to alcohol consumption of that volume during daylight hours.

There was alot of food ordered, perhaps a little too much to be enjoyed. And the restaurant is by no means cheap and cheerful. Far from it. But if you ever have a chance to go, I would recommend it, but take someone with you in the know. Its a pretty extensive menu and you want to get just the right combination of textures and flavours.

Here is a sampling of what we had -

Spicy Tofu with Beans

This was actually served chilled as a sort of starter ... and it was the perfect appetiser. In fact I could have eaten a whole plate of it and would still have wanted more.

Peking Duck

Peking duck in Singapore is served cut as close to the skin as possible. Very rarely due you have but the tiniest sliver of fat and definitely no flesh. This is how it should be done. Even the most prosaic of ducks would taste wonderful if treated this way.

A Selection of Dim Sum dishes including Xiao Long Bao - (I have had better!)

Xiu Mai

I absolutely adore this. Always reminds me of childhood. I love that slightly sweet vinegary sauce that comes with it. And for the next dish, if you are sensitive to this issue (and so you should be) best to look away now.

Sharks Fin Soup

I won't belabour the point, but this was the most fin I have ever had, although my Taiwanese friend reliably informs me that the best and most expensive serve would have large pieces of fin, at least a thumb and finger span.

A beautifully fresh steamed scallop

Nothing beats a fresh scallop simply steamed with ginger and spring onion and a dash of Xiao Shing wine.

Can't rememeber the name of this fish, but I think it was a Bream that again was steamed.

Pork Rib served with the same type of bun they have with Chilli Crab

Spinach with goji beads

This Spinach dish was pretty much a highlight, and a welcome relief after all the rich food that preceeded it. It was nice to have some clear soup heavy with spinach flavour and only a slight hint of the medicinal herbs which has a tendency to overpower some of these so called herbal soups.

The left over duck flesh used in a simple stir fry

Mango and Coconut Sago

Didn't really need it but as M says "there's always room for sweets"!
We were rolling out of the joint let me tell you!! And we "walked" it off with the top down and LT once again at the helm!


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