Sunday, 13 February 2011


Ok ... could a beer really be worth $70 per bottle ... even if you take into account the restaurant mark-up? Well it comes with its own little blackboard write-up at Josie Bones and apparently they could only import 12 bottles and we ordered the penultimate one. Oh and they serve it in a champagne glass because it takes like champagne but with a hint of beer. Does that sound appealling? If I told you that you could sample it by the glass for $13 a pop, would you give it a go? Particularly if the recommendation comes from someone who doesn't really appreciate beer? I present you the boutique de plus beer which is Infinium!

And does it taste like champagne but with a hint of beer ... hell yeah!


  1. more details please.. foodie?? how is P and P and D and M? x

  2. Click on the link for more details DC!! P is always good (nudge nudge wink wink) and D&M are superfine!!


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