Monday, 7 February 2011

Life in the Lion City - the charm of Little India

Ok .. I have fond memories of Tekka Market. Mum used to do her weekend marketing here. I remember the chicken boilers, the smell of mutton, the curry paste man, the fishball woman, the fishmonger with the gravelly voice, and of course doshay (or dosay, or dosa, or thosai, etc) at Komala Villas to round off the morning's shop.

Seafood section - Tekka Market
Veg out at Tekka Market

The original Komala Villas is still there on Serangoon Road, although they have fixed the rickety pressed metal stairs which are no longer a life threatening climb. But you still can't have the bready meals upstairs ... that is strictly for the banana leaf vego rice.

We had to have our fix but were remarkably restrained. We started with a shared plate of Wadai or Vada served with beautiful sambar and coconut chutney that is never watered down here.

We then had a Paper Dosai each, again served with the sambar and coconut chutney, but slightly wetter versions.

Apart from Doshay at Komala Villas, another attraction that pulls us to Tekka Centre is the promise of Braised Goose rice. The last few times we were here, the shop remain inexplicably closed. When we were at Tekka this time round, the stall was opened but they had run out of Goose. So we made sure we were early when we came back the next day.

I don't believe we were the first to order the goose, but as we were eating ours, the tables around us gradually filled up and we watched the pile of plump looking geese slowly disappear from the shop front window as more and more plates were ordered.

I think in the way that the Night Safari is a must see, Heng Gi Goose rice is a must eat.


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