Sunday, 6 February 2011

Life in the Lion City - Places & Food Part 2

Ok if ever I was to move back to the old home town, I would love to live in Tiong Bahru. Its perfectly situated, so close to town, the coast, the river and all the city sights this island has to offer, yet there's a village community feel to the place. The people are friendly and willing to help. And, more importantly, it has a kickass market and hawker centre.

It was one of the stops on our impromptu "visit the suburbs" tour of Singapore. In fact we went back twice. Once for shits and giggles, and the second time to eat, of course! And we were caught in a tropical rainstorm to boot.

Here is a little video for your pleasure ... please to wait for lightning and thunder crash towards the end. Its brilliant!

And what did we eat? Well I had my Braised Duck and Porridge which tasted yummy, although I would have preferred the duck meat less shredded ... I guess they have to cut corners somehow.

And M had the famous Hougang Char Kway Teow!! Complete with see ham (cockles) which I can do without. It tasted exactly like what hawker centre kway teow should taste like, slightly sweeter and darker in flavour. And not suffocated by ingredients! But I wish there was less of this pc health trip around, there should be more pork lard!! You have to actually ask for it like its an extra nowadays. Some things should be sacred!

We have fond memories of having Chwee Kuay early in the morning after arriving via Gulf Air. The Bro used to swing by the market here on the way back from picking us up at the airport. I overheard a couple of wannabe Tai Tai's at the next table talking about the Chwee Kuay stall being somewhere up in the hawker centre now. We couldn't go past having ourself a gastronomical trip down memory lane. M had the place scoped out and we finally had to ask some random sitting in front of a plastic container of the things to figure out exactly where the stall was. But anyhoo ... result!!


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