Sunday, 13 February 2011

nian nian yo yi - belated cny rundown

Ok ... I was dying in Sydney humidity on market street when I got the call ... and I was so touched to know that CNY celebrations had to be postponed so that I could attend. At the risk of being the reason for a break in tradition and therefore good fortune, I had to make the tough decision to ditch a party as I had stupidly doublebooked my Friday night.

So once again down the Chandler we arrived at J & CC's to find CC in full preparation mode. He didn't really want any help but we had to chip in somehow. But we really didn't do anything of much significance apart from tucking into a truly delicious CNY meal, soundtracked by the free CD (words cannot describe how woeful ...) that G recieved for ordering 5 kilos worth of Bak Kwa!!

To begin with, fried carrot (yam?) cake:

CC also devised this delicious cucumber starter with fish eggs, lap cheong and herbs which was so fresh and full flavoured and deifinitely on the cards for our next dinner party:

We then had CC's version of winter melon soup - refreshingly sweet and delicious:

We had to have a bowl of noodles (long life and all that) of some description, which he whipped up and served with the slow cooked chicken and a thick soy calamari which was absolutely heaven.


At this stage we were pretty much full to bursting and even struggling to continue the drink. But you have to have Fish at CNY. Its mandatory. CC even served the half eaten fish from CNY Eve - apparently you can't eat the whole thing ... but I can't remember why.

So happy belated CNY everyone!!!

And by the way, I am insanely jealous of our J & CC's vegie patch!!! Look at the array of produce in the photo below ... all fresh from their garden!!


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